1) Worldwide storyboards

With the confidence gained by many years of experience and knowledge of the subject, we are proud of the fact that we are a worldwide storyboards creating company. Our artists specialize in the creation of storyboards for advertising companies and production companies.

2) Storyboards for any style and category

We provide a wide range of storyboards services combining all the existing styles and categories so that our clients' needs are fully met.

3) Quality of work

The creative team of storyboards artists of Smart.MAGNA, has extensive experience, since for more than 10 years it has been providing its clients with top quality services, having worked with the biggest brand names in the world.

4) Planning and creation of storyboards with a director's perspective

Before our illustrators start creating the frames of the storyboards, looking at the script from a director's point of view, they plan and design the long shots, the close ups, the camera angles in order to produce a realistic form of illustration with respect to the final outcome. Also, they have been trained in the use of colors, shading, lighting, with feeling and perspective, and by combining other techniques as well, they manage through the illustration of the storyboards to convey the general message and highlight the story through the interpretation of the frames.

5) Speed and delivery in 24 hours

With the talent and diversity of our top illustrators, we work with all types of projects, even those with last minute pressing deadlines. In some exceptional cases, we can even deliver your work in 24 hours.

6) Character design

The part of storyboards illustration in the character design is vital to the script, whether it is about a product in an advertisement, a film or a video game, as it plays a major part in conveying the meaning and message of the story. The specialization we have in this field is more than adequate as all these years we have created tens of characters.

7) Flexibility and prices adapted to your budget

We are always flexible and open to discussion and we can offer prices adapted to our clients' budget.

And as telephones, video chats and e-mails reign in our days, the only thing that separates us from our clients, all over the world, is just a few hours.....